Investments are tools to be used in striving to meet planned and considered goals and objectives.  A long-term view and a heavy emphasis on logic and common sense are important.


I try and educate those with whom I work and help them understand the different types of risks, and that risk per se is not necessarily bad. Rather risk may often be a major factor in achieving desirable investment returns.


Short-term movements of investment markets are largely driven by fear and greed. Chasing short-term trends or fads make me uncomfortable.

The markets will drop, so don’t pretend that they won’t.  The markets have always come back up. Even though historical performance is no indication of future results, the 100+ years of the DJIA ever upward trend does give a good glimpse of long-term trends—through both good and bad financial times.

It’s a Different World

Investments and investment styles that were profitable in the past may no longer be viable in a dynamic and changing world.


Drops in the markets represent incredible buying opportunities. The first rule of investing is to “buy low.”

Also, historical performance is no indication of future results. Just because something has done well in the past – or not done well in the past – does not mean it will continue to perform the same way in the future.