Thoughts from my hikes and walks in nature with my dog: Canada and Being Aware of the Unseen

August 21, 2017 by alexah

I just recently returned from a wonderful three-week trip through parts of Canada.  I traveled to three provinces and stayed at five different national parks on my trip.  I won’t call it a “once in a lifetime trip” — because I plan on doing that again!

While in Jasper National Park (Alberta, Canada) I spent a day just driving and turning off onto various roads I came upon.  At the end of one of those roads I discovered this beautiful place.  It really was as calming as the photo would suggest.  My dog and I wandered around this area for a while — just taking it all in.

What is interesting is that just to the left of where the photo ended — about 20 feet down the road — is a “Warning” sign stating that the wooded area behind the sign was off limits.  Elks were calving, and the cows can be incredibly dangerous during this time.

To the right, and across the lake is a beautiful golf course.  No activity on it the day I was there.  That could be because a week earlier there was a Grizzly Bear on that golf course that park officials eventually captured and released elsewhere.  The sign was a warning for the moment; the grizzly bear capture I read about while doing a bit of research for my trip.  Elk cows can be dangerous; grizzlies can be deadly.

While the photo is beautiful and translates the calm I hoped it would, my presence in this place required an awareness of my surroundings.  Things that could impact me.

Sometimes in investing, all seems calm and wonderful.  But, it makes sense to have a financial person who is aware of those factors that could impact your situation.  Not to panic, but to simply be aware of the possible opportunities and possible challenges.