Thoughts from my walks and hikes in nature with my dog: The Whole Picture

February 14, 2018 by alexah

Many days I like to greet the sun at a place not far from me a place with 4,318 acres of natural land with fields and meadows, trees and brush, full of wild animals, birds and many places to fish. It is ever changing and full of wonder and surprises.

My walks at this place are amazing! They get me away from my space and into a different place where I can think things through from a different perspective. I have many places to walk within the five miles it takes me to get to this area, but as with many things sometimes a path is too close to fully appreciate or to look at with a different eye.

I think about that from time-to-time being too close to a situation to see the full picture. Like a zoomed-in photo focusing on the current darkness may ignore the blue sky in the distance. Sometimes we can be too close to a situation to fully appreciate it.

I have seen people very bright, intelligent, successful people let emotions cloud their judgment based on a situation they are much to close to. It is during this time that they often make very bad very expensive mistakes.

Working with a professional can remove the zoom from the camera, address the emotional concern, and help people step back and see the whole picture. If you are ready to look bigger, let go of emotional decisions and let professional sight help you see the whole picture, contact me. Id love to talk with you.