Thoughts from my walks and hikes in nature with my dog: Sometimes Good Just Happens

August 18, 2017 by alexah

I am fortunate that every day on my five-mile trek to where I generally walk (and sometimes hike), I pass a large park with three lakes – all available for me to appreciate.

The other day on my way back from my morning walk I stopped at one of the three lakes.  I rarely do this, but today I felt the urge to do so.

My dog and I wandered up the hill from the parking area, and as we were heading down toward the lake I started to hear honking, and then lots of splashing as a large grouping of Canadian geese flew over our heads and landed in the water.

Did I know this would happen when I headed to this lake that morning? No. But I have learned to trust my gut. I am rarely sorry I have.